This Week's VOLT | Tesla Model Y & VW ID Launch Details


Tesla announced the final piece to the “sexy” jigsaw in the early hours of this morning with the release of the Model Y. The Model Y is a smaller version of the Model X SUV, akin to what Model 3 is to the Model S. For those of you who were unaware of the “sexy” lineup tag, there is method in the madness. The Model S was named as a nod to the Ford Model T, a car known for revolutionising transport and the motor car industry. The Model X SUV followed, and it’s name is taken from the term crossover, which is popular for vehicles in the SUV category. This is where things get interesting. Originally planned as a Model E, a name which was used by Ford (who still own the copyright) Model 3, was named as such because it was the third car in Tesla’s current lineup, and conveniently an E flipped round with Tesla’s logo also conveniently containing 3 lines, which can represent E or 3. That leaves very little imagination as to Y (pun very much intended) Now on to the car itself.

TESLA MODEL Y Production

The Model Y Tesla is a smaller version of the popular Tesla Model X, dubbed a Mid Sized SUV, which will be suited to the European market. Production is due to start in 2020, with vehicles likely to land in the UK in 2021/22. Prices for the U.S versions have been revealed, with the entry level, standard 230 mile range version costing $39,000. The range is topped off with a performance version costing $60,000, but Tesla are also offering a Dual Motor AWD version with a range of 280 miles, and a Long Range 300 mile variant. The Y will offer a 7 seat option, despite it only being 10% larger than the Model 3, which will likely be a key selling point for those who have been looking for a VW Touran style electric vehicle, but whether or not you will be able to squeeze 2 full sized Adults in the rear remains to be seen. We doubt it though.

What it apparent is that Tesla will offer a vehicle to suit most demands. The Model S is a slick saloon that rivals the Mercedes E-Class and the BMW 5 Series, with the Model X having a stab at being a “Chunky Monkey 4x4 wannabe”, the Model 3 will appealing to the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 clan, and now the Model Y will compliment the lot by offering the family runaround. Tesla also had the Supercharger V3 in operation, which is capable of dishing out 250 kW, or 1,000 mph to the Model 3.

In the reveal, Elon Musk mentioned that 10 years ago when Tesla started out, he was laughed at, with the media doubting and badmouthing E.V’s at every opportunity. Tesla now has every major manufacturer playing catch up as they lead the zero emission march. You’ve got to take your hat off to them.

Volkswagen going electric - VW ID ORDERS TO START IN MAY 2019

The highly anticipated Volkswagen I.D, which we have talked about in previous posts, is coming in the not too distant future. VW announced this week that they will start taking orders on the 8th May 2019, which is almost 6 months before its due to launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Jurgen Stackmann, a VW board member for sales commented that the order books would open before the summer, with customers being able to make a payment to secure an early production slot. This is nothing new to the E.V world with manufacturers such as Tesla and Hyundai offering similar systems. VW anticipate that they would have sold out before the vehicle launches at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

VW ID expectations

The I.D has a huge amount of weight on it’s shoulders with the car expected to launch Volkswagen away from “Dieselgate” and into a new Carbon Neutral future. The vehicle will also be the first to feature the MEB “Skateboard” Chassis that VW plans on using for up to 50 vehicles across its brands over the next few years.

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