Through our parent company, Specialist Vehicle Hire, we have provided b2b services for over 17 years. As an already well established business in the insurance sector, we have also provided vehicles for many companies looking to add additional vehicles due to increase in business, as a replacement whilst vehicles are in for repair or service and as trial vehicles before committing to a future purchase. We’re able to offer corporate credit accounts with booking portal facilities if required. Let us help Electrify your fleet.



We want future generations to have a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, one which includes not living in smog filled cities. Using an Electric Car instead of a fossil fuel vehicle will not only benefit future generations, but the current one also. A 2018 study by the European Climate Foundation found that a Fossil Fuelled car can produce up to twice the amount of an equivalent E.V over it’s lifetime. Hiring an Electric Car for your employees to use is a stepping stone to a cleaner future, and one that will help promote your business as one that cares.


Switching to an Electric Vehicle can be a daunting task, and even more so if you intend on changing a whole fleet. Many potential owners simply do not know whether or not an E.V will suit their requirements, and with a large investment needed to own an E.V, it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. A solution to the problem is to hire a through Volt-Age. A short-term rental of an Electric Car will help you decide whether or not E.V’s will work for you and your fleet, as well as having the ability to test a variety of models.


Nothing beats hands on experience. Our team have lived and breathed E.V’s for many years, experiencing the charging infrastructure, range anxiety and the joy of driving the future. Let us answer any questions you may have and discuss your exact requirements, whatever they may be.