Sparking new life into classic cars

The most beautiful car ever made
— Enzo Ferrari March 1961

The Royal Wedding was quite a fanfare, with billions all over the world watching Harry and Meghan tie the knot. The arrival of the bride in the 1950 Rolls-Royce Royal Phantom IV was a sight to behold, showing that the craftsmanship and design from nearly 70 years ago, have stood the test of time.

The newly Weds departed Windsor Castle under less fanfare, but in an equally beautiful car, a 1960's Jaguar E-Type. This car is seen by many as the pinnacle of British car design, and even today is still a thing of beauty. Enzo Ferrari was famously quoted the E-Type as "The most beautiful car ever made" when it was released in March 1961, and he knew a thing or two!

The E-Type in driven by Prince Harry is very special. A one-off Known as the Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. The vehicle is a smash up of classic design and cutting edge technology, with Jaguar designing an all Electric powertrain that breathes a new fully electric zero emission lease of life into any XK engine Jaguar built between 1948 and 1992. 




It's not just Jaguar who are looking at modernising a classic design. Electric GT, a California based conversion company, released a fully electric zero emission 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS, dubbed the 308 GTE. Petrol heads will be horrified at the Frankenstein treatment given to the GTS, but it's very clear that the work of Electric GT will help some of models survive extinction when the inevitable heavy clampdown on emissions arrive. Could EV conversions succeed where LPG failed? I'd certainly like to see electric Corvette C1 and Ford RS2000's on the road.


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