Introducing...The BMW i3s REx

The i3 has been to the gym, and it hasn’t skipped leg day.

The latest addition to the Volt-Age fleet is the awesome BMW i3s REx. For those of you lucky enough to have previously tried the standard i3, you’ll know it’s already a very exciting city car.

BMW however, decided to take the car to a new level by increasing the motor output from 125 kW to 135 kW, and at the same time increased the maximum torque from 250 Nm to 270 Nm. Let’s face it, the standard model is by no means a slouch, so the improvements although slight, make very noticeable differences.

Externally the i3s has got a new body kit with wider wheel arches, and sits on bigger wheels. All this and some lowering on the suspension create a more aggressive looking car that deserves the “s” on the badge.

Under all the new jazz, it’s still very comfortable at low speeds and a great city car.

So if you’re looking at going electric and want a bit more fire than a standard i3 or Nissan Leaf, the i3s is the car for you.

James O'TooleComment